Rabu, 30 Januari 2013

A garden sundial relaxed its viewer

She always looks beautiful, the garden sundials . They run without electricity and noise stop forward and suddenly as if by magic. They always know exactly when the sun shines and when to raise clouds. They are like a small weather station. We are talking about garden sundials.

We meet mostly in the beginning once on a wall as a wall sundial. Then we can look almost always directly comparable to our watch to the time. But one is always gracious with the ancient sundials. After all they are many years old and which one's indulgent or? For wall sundials usually goes first broken the dial and not the movement. The Wall sundial faded with time and must be renewed. At the garden sundials , this is something different. Here the dial is often engraved in stone and hour division.

So you can pursue many years without cares, the sun and the power of the sundial. Besides stone and other materials are also possible. Often the stainless steel, wood, glass and iron. The selection is to be adapted to the environment of the future site. Stainless steel does not necessarily fit naturally into a garden filled with natural stones. And conversely, a wall made ​​of stainless steel sundial fits very well into a house that already railing and other components made ​​of stainless steel has.

If you have a sundial, who also appreciates a little bit of the power of the sun. Without the sun, by the way, life on Earth would be possible. That is something we just all too easy in our hectic society.